Unlock top-tier hotel benefits with IHG one rewards premier

Attention, travel-holics and hotel fanatics – the dream team has been formed! Say hello to the IHG One Rewards Premier program, which opens the doors to the best hotel benefits and extraordinary accommodation perks.

Learn how to revolutionize your standard hotel experience into an extravagant getaway! And this isn’t all that any IHG enthusiasts can take advantage from the Chase Slate Edge card. A perfect merger into any of your travel experiences with an added layer of luxury.

Yes, that was quite the strategic collaboration as it opens up an entire world of exclusive benefits. This program, combined with the Chase Slate Edge card, means that room upgrades, late check-outs, and an even more cherished hotel stay awaits for you.

Do you still want to find out more about these benefits? Keep reading!

Introduction to IHG One Rewards Premier

The IHG One Rewards Premier program strives to provide your guests with a significantly more significant travel experience with a wide range of advantages when visiting IHG hotels around the globe.

This layer program is unique, as it offers you one-of-a-kind advantages for every part of your visit, ensuring that each time you return is truly unforgettable.

What about Chase Slate Edge card-led program members? Their hotel stays aren’t the only option to earn reward points thanks to their collaboration.

Your regular purchases can also earn you additional points, which means every dollar spent brings you one step closer to your next luxurious ride.

Enjoy free perks such as room upgrades, early check-ins, and late check-outs to satisfy your other guests. Get priority service and free Internet access throughout your stay; there’s so much more for business travelers.

What’s more, achieving elite status through this layer program comes with some additional special benefits. These include special event access, a rapid increase in active pilot points, and a memorable stay designed specifically for you.

Maximizing Your Rewards with Chase Slate Edge

The advantages of the One Rewards Premier program are multiplied by the partnership between IHG and Chase. Specifically, with the help of the Chase Slate Edge card, the rewards of the members are received faster, and they unlock up to the next level of comfort at IHG properties.

The members’ spending is rewarded with points, which they convert into hotel stays and dining and other rewarding settings within the IHG. Additionally, the Chase Slate Edge cardholder is eligible for special promotions and bonus offers that are not available to our other members.

What is more important, the cardholder is automatically upgraded to IHG One Rewards Platinum Elite status as soon as they meet the qualifying criteria.

Among the added luxurious level of rewards, we provide room guarantees and free breakfast. Lastly, other added reward levels include trip cancellation and protection, purchase protection funds, as well as no foreign transaction fees.

Unlocking Elite Status and Benefits

I feel free to report my pride in the fact that our flight enables members to achieve elite status with the IHG One Rewards Premier program, which uplifts them to unmatched luxury. This upholds the fact that every next tier holds better rewards, encouraging loyalty.

Automatic room upgrade, personalized amenities, and access to special events overwhelm elite members with a customized travel experience. Better multipliers as your status escalates give you more stays on us.

To exemplify, Platinum and Diamond Elite members’ extended check-outs ensure a relaxed end to your trip, while free breakfasts and evening drinks in many properties add to the advantages. Special recognition on your special day surprises you with birthday points or on your special day with an anniversary gift, transforming into a grand occasion.

Our customer service line ensures that your order remains a preference regardless of queries and requests, converting your experience into one of seamless travel.

Exclusive Events and Offers

Not only does membership in the IHG One Rewards Premier program unlock room-related benefits, but it also gives you exclusive access to events and offers. Whether it’s wine tasting at the best vineyards in the area or a private tour of the most famous historic landmarks, every stay with this program is an adventure.

Moreover, seasonal promotions allowing to collect extra points, time-limted deals that give you access to extra services with a discount, and bundled offers with unique experiences suited to your tastes take the value of your membership even further.

Don’t forget to check out special packages for the upcoming holiday season that combine high-end accommodations with festive events to create the happiest memories!

Furthermore, exclusive partnerships with local businesses and attractions at your destination are undoubtedly the top insider tip members can take advantage of with IHG-curated discounts and offers.

Streamlining Your Travel with Technology

Reflecting the advancements in technology, both IHG One Rewards Premier and Chase Slate Edge tap various options to make the management of your travel a breeze. A range of opportunities available with the use of a mobile app will surprise you.

Not only can you book a room and check your points, but also open the door to your room. Notifications will be problem-free when they occur in real-time and give you one more chance to earn more with every stay.

Digital check-in and check-out options make it easier for clients to provide better opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Additionally, secured transactions protect your data and information, no matter if your trip is well-planned or just a sudden idea. Consider concierge services and room selection that can be completed digitally and enjoy the process.

Conclusion: A New Era of Travel Luxury

The new IHG One Rewards Premier powered at its core by the Chase Slate Edge card, redefines the way you travel by making premium hotel benefits within your reach for the very first time.

We have united to provide you with seemless integration of rewarding experiences and luxury accommodation, so that it is no longer about where you go, but about how you feel throughout the entirety of your stay.

From high-fliers to globetrotters making their first journey, no other travel loyalty programs has as much to offer because of the bespoke benefits, unique opportunities and unparalleled customer service that make IHG One Rewards Premier your first, last and only stop for travel.

Every stay wither away points, build memories, indulge in luxury and take the journey to the brink. Ready to access your key to the better hotel benefits?

Welcome at the door to discover. Welcome to a whole new world of hotel benefits with IHG One Rewards Premier, powered by Chase Slate Edge.

The program offers room upgrades, late check-outs, early check-ins, free Internet, priority service, and access to exclusive events, among others.

It accelerates point accumulation, offers exclusive promotions, and includes benefits like trip cancellation insurance and no foreign transaction fees.

The program features several tiers, including Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Elite, each offering progressively enhanced benefits.

No, points can also be used for dining experiences, event access, and more within the IHG ecosystem.

Elite status can be achieved through stays, spending with the Chase Slate Edge card, and special promotions within the program.

Yes, members have access to exclusive events, seasonal promotions, and offers, enhancing their travel experience.

The program offers a mobile app for booking and managing stays, digital check-in/out, real-time notifications, and enhanced security features.



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