Elevate your flying experience with united club infinite

Experience the ultimacy of luxury and convenience when traveling by air by using the United Club Infinite card. The exclusive benefits embedded seamlessly into the discerning traveler’s journey narrate a tale of luxury on an entirely new level.

An extensive enumeration of what makes the Aeroplan credit card Card indispensable for frequent air travelers seeking enhanced milestones.

Closest to one of the best air travel luxury experiences this card will place your travel story far from where it used to be.

Introduction to Premium Air Travel

Many people in the world share the desire for an effortless and glamorous travel experience. The United Club Infinite card and Aeroplan credit card have come together to provide you with a powerful means to take your air travel to new heights.

Not only does this card make your trip easier, but it truly makes it exceptional, with many exclusive benefits that cover all of your trip needs and desires. A world will open up to you where priority boarding, never-before-seen baggage allowances, and expedited security checks are common.

You will have more time to relax and enjoy your journey. Furthermore, with a global network of United Club lounges and partner spaces, the airport experience will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Exclusive Lounge Access

Undoubtedly, the jewel in the crown of United Club Infinite card offering is exclusive access to United Club lounges. These comfortable spaces in busy airports are the ideal place to unwind, catch up on work, or socialize before your flight.

Enjoy complimentary food and drinks, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more convenience while waiting for your flight becomes enjoyable. Whether you need to finish work or choose from a wide selection of wines, the availability of the lounge puts your pre-flight experience a notch.

Apart from this, the United Club card also provides an entry to any Star Alliance lounge across the globe.

Enhanced Travel Benefits

Aside from lounge access, the United Club Infinite card provides a number of other benefits to make your travel easy and enjoyable. Whether it is priority check-in and boarding or higher MileagePlus earning rates, each trip contributes more to your travels in the future.

Free checked bags, economical rates on lodging and car hire, ensure that your trip-related costs are as low as your luggage. No foreign transaction charges for international travelers and complete travel insurance provide reassurance in whatever you do.

The convenience of contactless payments with robust transaction security completes the picture.

Aeroplan Credit Card: A Game Changer

Being part of the Aeroplan program only multiplies the value of the United Club Infinite card in multiple ways: the rewards are earned faster with every purchase, not only on the flight, and are easily redeemable for air travel, class upgrades, and much more.

The Aeroplan members have exclusive access to high-earning promotions that will build miles even faster and get you to your next trip even sooner than you think.

And a generous sign-up bonus and yearly rewards on your card anniversary ensure that your loyalty is rewarded handsomely each year. Join the Aeroplan program, and traveling, both up in the air and on the ground, will become a richer experience.


The card provides exclusive lounge access, priority services, enhanced baggage allowances, expedited security checks, increased MileagePlus earning rates, and special discounts on travel and accommodations.

Yes, United Club Infinite cardholders can access not only United Club lounges but also Star Alliance lounges worldwide.

No, the United Club Infinite card does not charge any foreign transaction fees, making it ideal for international travel.

The card accelerates mileage earning, offers exclusive member promotions, and rewards loyalty with bonuses and anniversary gifts, enriching your travel experience on all fronts.

Yes, new cardholders can enjoy an attractive signup bonus, details of which are periodically updated to offer the best value to members.

Absolutely, the card allows you to earn rewards not just on flight bookings but on every purchase, maximizing your earning potential.

Its unique suite of benefits tailored for travelers, including lounge access, priority services, no foreign transaction fees, and a lucrative partnership with the Aeroplan program, set it apart.



The United Club Infinite card, in alliance with the Aeroplan credit card, is unlike any other way to fly. Offering the total package to take better advantage of every trip, the United Club Infinite card can be your loyal companion for another adventure.

Delight in most exclusive lounge access, extraordinary travel perks, and a generous rewards system. It’s more than just another credit card; it’s your key to a truly comfortable travel experience.

Enjoy the journey. Elevate the future. Level-up with United Club Infinite card and change the way you travel.

Find out more and discover how you could increase your journeys and ensure your next trip is the greatest yet.

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