Experience premium hotel stays with IHG one rewards premier

Take a trip to comfort and elegance with IHG One Rewards Premier — the perfect chance to expand your travel horizons is finally here. The moment you enter a hotel is when the land of impeccable service and incredible rewards unveils in front of your eyes.

The ultimate guide will focus on the aspects you can benefit from to make your stay worth your while. Whether you travel a lot and would like the perks attributed to your experience or choose to make the best of that special journey, IHR One Rewards Premier may offer the entire spectrum you are searching for.

Discover the possible attraction that waits for you after adding you Disney Visa to IHG One Rewards Premier; namely, prepare to surround yourself with fairy-tale comfort and amazing memories.

Unlocking the Luxury of Travel

Rest and relaxation have never been more exciting or rewarding. The IHG One Rewards Premier offers so much more than just a room. You’ll also have unforgettable experiences. Every IHG property has its signature style and conveniences, offering travelers everything they wish for.

Every second of your visit will be more relaxing with the IHG One Rewards Premier, from gourmet meals to luxurious rooms. For even more magic, join your Disney Visa with IHG’s rewards.

The ultimate vacation accommodations, combining the enchantment and magic of Disney with the elegance of IHG.

Whether it is priority check-in or selecting your room, you’ll be given the royal VIP treatment.

Exclusive Benefits Await

Admission to the IHG One Rewards Premier program offers an impressive array of unrivaled benefits. Get your points faster, more free nights, and go home later to let your most precious moments linger a little longer.

Your Disney Visa rewards program can be paired with your stay to turn your finances into fantastic ideas. Your travel demands and wishes are such a breeze with these phenomenal points. Elevator parties, incredible introductory deals, and travel service are just a few of the perks of being a member.

The IHG One Rewards Premier program treats you like royalty, providing you with personalized service. These considerations will be of great importance because, as a member, your preferences in every part of the world are insured. From your view to your favorite tea can be tailored to ensure a relaxing holiday.

A World of Redemption Options

Through the IHG One Rewards Premier, the points you collect become your all-access pass to the experiences that await you. Your points can be used to pursue whatever your heart desires, from a flight to a car rental, and even stock up for an adventure perfectly designed for you.

With no blackout dates when it comes to redeeming points for free nights, you can get to your dream destination whenever best suits your schedule.

Our members also benefit from points that never expire, meaning, your dreams can lift off whenever you want them to.

Plus, they can also be gifted away, you can help loved ones embark on the journey of a lifetime and, together, create memories that last forever.

Your Disney Visa brings your adventure ever closer, with Disney rewards that make the magic a part of your reality with trips to the theme parks character dining experiences and the hottest merchandise.

Maximizing Your Membership

Remember, to get the most out of your travels, you must understand the full breadth of your IHG One Rewards Premier benefits. You can expect that more offers and promotions will continue to roll out on the portal. For those, keep checking it regularly to ensure you are always getting the best value from your membership.

Use your Disney Visa membership in conjunction to gain access to the Disney Visa Cardmember perks, from dining discounts to shopping rewards your experience will be much more improved.

Continue to be involved in the IHG community: share your experiences, tips, and tricks with other members.

The Knowledge of the crowd can unlock hidden gems and insider tips to ensure your travels are anything but ordinary. Lastly, consider using the IHG One Rewards Premier for business travel as well.

Using the card for work travels is not only rewarding but pays back towards your next personal vacation!

Behind Every Stay, A Story

Every time you stay with IHG One Rewards Premier, you write a story. The peace and magic of that dawn, gazing at you from your luxury suite window. Pure romance in every moment of your impromptu holiday.

These stories are to be treasured because, intertwined with your perfect club rewards and advantages, they’ve been elevated to once-in-a-lifetime treasures.

Now, with the addition of your Disney Visa card, there is a little extra magic to every one of your incredible stays. Adventures become amazing tales.

Unforgettable memories are created from ordinary experiences. As travel practices change, you can always rely on IHG One Rewards Premier to guide your life’s travel tales.

Check-in to Check-out and everything in between, we make every minute count. Your future travels are full of tales of their own. Let’s make sure they’re all bound together with comfort, luxury, and stories to last a lifetime.

No holiday is the same when you stay with IHG One Rewards Premier and use your Disney Visa. It’s the fairy-tale fantasy you’ve always dreamt of.


Earn points through hotel stays, purchases with partners, everyday spending on the IHG Rewards Premier credit card, and special promotions available exclusively to members.

Benefits include complimentary upgrades, late checkout, priority check-in, faster point accumulation, free nights, and access to exclusive events and offers.

Using your Disney Visa for purchases can earn you additional IHG points and unlock exclusive Disney rewards, including merchandise, experiences, and theme park benefits.

Yes, points can be redeemed for airline tickets, car rentals, shopping, and unique experiences, giving you a multitude of ways to enjoy your rewards.

No, as an IHG One Rewards Premier member, your points never expire, allowing you the freedom to use them whenever you choose.

Yes, the program allows you to gift points to friends or family, sharing the joy and flexibility of travel with your loved ones.

Maximize your membership by staying informed of the latest offers, using your Disney Visa for additional perks, engaging with the IHG community, and considering your membership for business travels to earn more points.


With the IHG One Rewards Premier program with Disney Visa, travelers of comfort and luxury find a new tangible dimension for their desires and thrills.

From the extensive benefits lining the horizon to the singular pleasure of capturing those experiences into memories, the program is an embodiment of aspiration and the path towards it.

In an attempt to turn your journeys into stories, and each IHG stay to more than just a statistic, but a sweet memory to remember, the Disney magic factor comes into play.

With IHG One Rewards Premier and Disney Visa, the capacity of my travels will be unraveled into a mystery where each step is another tale and every stay is an adventure.

Start the unforgettable and journey today and get to make your travel adventure story a memoir filled with magic, luxury and the many benefits offered by IHG One Rewards Premier with Disney Visa.

Jessica Martins

Studying journalism and editor-in-chief of One Cardify

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