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Have you ever been at the airport faced with those hefty charges to check in your bag? As a United Airlines flyer, here is a hack to it – The United Explorer Card ! Yes, friends, you heard it — this little plastic can be your saving grace to keep your bags on every travel occasion.

With your suitcase ready, let’s dive deep on how this card could turn into your next travel signature set. In this piece today, the content will be heavy on how bagging this card may lead to heavy savings on your flights with United. I am talking about free checked bags and not once, friends – Every Single Time.

Oh, and by the way, there are several other goodies that come with it. Strap on as you plan for your next trip, folks!

And because at the heart, we want to ensure we keep things easy and time-saving, I will also walk you through how you can maximize this benefit and what you need to do next.

Before carrying the plastic of the United Explorer card, you will find yourself wanting it. Let’s begin.

Why the United Explorer Card is Your New Travel Buddy

Besides letting you skip those annoying bag fees, the United Explorer card is stuffed with benefits that make it a solid choice for anyone looking to get more out of their travel experience. Frequent flyer or not, if United is your go-to airline, this card could help make each trip more rewarding.

First off, who doesn't love Travel lighter with a free checked bag on United Explorer? That's right, this card lets you and a companion on the same reservation check the first bag for free. Given the cost of checked bags these days, this perk alone can save you up to $120 per round trip. Imagine how that adds up over multiple flights a year!

But it’s not just there. You’ll also enjoy the priority boarding advantage, two one-time passes to the United Club℠ each year for some pre-flight stretching, and a credit deduction on your Global Entry or TSA Pre✔® application payment.

Just like that, you’re part of a luxury travel experience without the overwhelming cost.

And, for every purchase you make, you’ll be rewarded with miles – speedily. Extra miles bring you closer to your next, best vacation. Elevate your United Explorer card right from your regular shopping and turn it into tomorrow’s voyage.

Making the Most Out of Your Mileage

By the way, earning miles is just the beginning for you. With the United Explorer card, you get 2 miles per $1 spent on dining and hotel stays, as well as when you fly directly with United. You’re also being rewarded 1 mile per $1 spent on all other purchases. I honestly barely noticed how I’d earn miles, it’d just come to me somehow from all these daily spendings.

You’re not going to believe where these miles will fly you. Suddenly a spontaneous New York City weekend or an unforgettable journey to Bali doesn’t seem to be so out of reach. And what I love most is that there are no blackout dates on United; if there is a spot on the flight, it’s yours.

By the way, you should always be open to opportunities in cocktail redemption.

United has unique deals all the time that sweeten the offer so much that whatever you deemed expensive before suddenly is cheap and has become your next destination.

Plus, United Explorer: the smart choice for baggage savings isn’t just a tagline; it’s a smart travel strategy.

Unlocking Exclusive Benefits

But bags and boarding are just the start-keeping the United Explorer card is like having a VIP ticket to a whole host of new travel benefits. We’re talking hotel stays, car rentals, and more-that journey of a lifetime just became a whole lot easier and comfier!

And those United Club SM passes ... Can you think about sitting at your seat with free snacks, beverages, and Wi-Fi while waiting for a flight? Forget long layovers or a fantastic way to begin your trip! And let’s not forget the protection benefits! The card includes baggage delay insurance, trip cancellation/interruption insurance, and an auto rental collision damage waiver with all those expenses that appear to so readily add up.

Basically, think of them as a safety net for your trip to give you peace of mind regardless of where you are. So, how do you get your hands on all of these? Signing up for the United Explorer card is the first step, and the procedure is simple.

To apply takes just a few minutes, but the rewards you will get from day one are more than worth the time and effort.

Before we wrap up, let me point you towards another helpful read: Enjoy a free checked bag and more with United Explorer. It's packed with more insights and tips on making the most of your card.

United Explorer Card
Card Image
United Explorer Card

Unlock a world of travel perks including a free checked bag, priority boarding, and more.

Welcome Bonus: Earn up to 60,000 bonus miles
Annual Fee: $0 intro annual fee for the first year, then $95
Regular APR: Variable
Credit Score: Good to Excellent
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Your Questions, Answered

There's a lot to love about the United Explorer card, but you might still have questions. And that’s totally fine because we've got answers!

From doubts about the application process to maximizing those perks, here’s a quick drill-down into the most common queries we receive.

Ready to Jet Set in Style?

So, ready to start ticking those travel dreams off your bucket list? While the United Explorer card won’t fly you out today, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan your ideal getaway in the meantime!

With a first free checked bag, access to relish new, elevated travel adventures, and much more, you always get more.

What’s most exciting, weekly mileages can fly you out somewhere you’ve never been before because it all starts soon. We’ve got a variety of benefits to match any traveler, who is up to a short weekend break, or an extended expedition around the world.

Get ready to spend less on your travels and create memories that will last a lifetime! So, enjoy the perks and invite us along your travel journey by having a bit more in your wallet and a lot more to anticipate!

And more importantly, for all things> on maximizing your travel experience, stay locked in because your next journey is on the way – and it’s going to be epic!

Jessica Martins

Studying journalism and editor-in-chief of One Cardify

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